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IQAir Atem X Fresh Air Kit

IQAir Atem X Fresh Air Kit

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Quick Overview

  • Ducting kit for the IQAir Atem X.
  • Create positive or negative pressure.
  • Can provide both oxygen-rich outdoor and filtered air.
  • Draw air from outdoors or adjacent well-ventilated rooms.
  • Includes the IQAir Atem X Wall Mount Kit
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Product Description

The IQAir Atem X Fresh Air kit seamlessly integrates with your IQAir Atem X unit, providing two alternative configurations to cater to specific requirements without compromising on performance. This kit includes the IQAir Atem X Wall Mount Kit, however it is also available on its own, should you already have a wall stand kit or wish to set it up floor standing.

Outflow Configuration

The Outflow Configuration of the IQAir Atem X Fresh Air kit, when connected to the clean air outlet of the Atem X unit, enables the creation of a positive pressure environment. By directing all filtered air into an adjacent room, this configuration ensures that the isolation room remains pressurized, preventing contaminated air from infiltrating the space and offering an extra layer of protection.

Inflow Configuration 

The Inflow Configuration is designed to establish a negative pressure environment, crucial for scenarios where containing airborne contaminants is of utmost importance. The adapter facilitates the intake of outdoor air or air from an adjacent room while maintaining the circulation of indoor air. This strategic combination of 1/3 filtered, oxygen-rich outdoor air and 2/3 filtered, recirculated room air ensures a continuous influx of clean, oxygen-enriched air, effectively diluting and filtering contaminants within the isolated space. In situations where outdoor temperatures pose concerns, the system can draw air from a well-ventilated adjacent room or corridor, providing a versatile and well-balanced solution adaptable to various environmental conditions.


The IQAir Atem X Ducting Kit comprises a collection of white ABS components, meticulously packaged to seamlessly integrate with your IQAir Atem X unit. The principal adapter component effortlessly replaces either the clean air outlet or one of the three air intake grilles. Included in the kit is a 50 cm long duct with multiple attachments, allowing for precise airflow guidance through a 15 cm diameter wall aperture. The duct is easily adjustable, ensuring compatibility with various wall thicknesses.

This ducting kit is versatile and can be utilized with either the optional IQAir Atem X Wall Mounting kit or as a freestanding configuration.

To enhance the overall aesthetic, the package includes an elegant duct cover designed to harmonize with the aesthetics of the air outlet/intake on the opposite side of the wall where your IQAir Atem X is positioned.