School Air Filtration

School air filtration is essential, as school children are particularly vulnerable to air pollution. Their breathing rates are higher in relation to their body weight, and their lung development has been shown to be directly affected by exposure to air contamination. Cost effective, mobile air filtration systems are the ideal solution for providing clean air in schools through out the UK.

Commercial Air Filtration is specialised in providing the right solution for schools and works with School Boards & Estate Managers to specify the optimum solution for each school air filtration requirement.

More than 1'000 schools in London are within 150 metres of a major road, and thus are being exposed to over 10,000 vehicles each day. Standard ventilation systems, particularly in combination with open windows, expose children in London schools to excessive amounts of traffic pollution. An IQAir mobile school air filtration system is individually tested and certified to capture traffic pollution as well as common allergens, bacteria, viruses and other airborne contaminants.

Many UK schools find it challenging to provide clean air to our children due to inadequate ventilation systems or no ventilation at all. School building managers can implement built-in air filtration using mesh filters within the ventilation system, but the filtration efficiency of these filters is very poor, and requires high levels of maintenance.

The IQAir range of school filtration units are standalone, mobile air cleaning units that can be implemented directly in to a classroom – providing completely clean air to every pupil regardless of existing ventilation. The IQAir school air filtration units are cost effective, easily implemented, will achieve significant air changes, and are extremely quiet, even on the highest setting.

The IQAir school filtration systems can filter out:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses (including the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2)
  • Pollen
  • Traffic Pollution
  • Dust
  • Gases
  • Chemicals

Government reports showing an increase in asthma sufferers have been directly linked to elevated air pollution levels and in school age children, asthma is a leading cause of school absenteeism. Studies have shown that poor air quality in schools directly reduces concentration, memory and learning ability.

Providing clean air quality in schools presents unique challenges; the complex mix of indoor and outdoor contaminants whilst maintaining the health and comfort of staff and pupils. Commercial Air Filtration has extensive experience in providing effective school air filtration solutions to address a wide variety of air pollution issues.

Large classroom sizes, high occupancy and a need for quiet operation mean most air filtration options offer schools either high filtration efficiency or quiet performance, rarely both.

IQAir has extensive experience in working with schools and government agencies to provide school air filtration technologies that significantly improve air quality without the need for compromises. A recent clinical trial has demonstrated that IQAir school air filtration units are able to reduce the amount of air pollution exposure for children and staff in classrooms by up to 95%. Such results are achieved in close co-operation with school administration and maintenance staff and involve a three-step process of: problem analysis, solution design and solution implementation.

Relying on 50 years of air cleaning experience, IQAir combines proven methodologies and advanced air filtration technologies to provide schools with air quality improvements previously thought impossible.

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