Care Home Air Purifiers

Care Home Air Purifiers

The risk of airborne infection in care homes is greater than in most other public environments. Care homes benefit greatly from achieving and maintaining high airborne hygiene standards although this can often require an upgrade of existing heating and ventilation systems, a disruptive and often very expensive process.

An effective, simple to implement and far more cost-effective solution is to deploy standalone care home air cleaning solutions from Commercial Air Filtration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Infectious diseases can quickly spread within care homes, as residents are often more susceptible to infection than the general public. Infection can be avoided, however, through the use of mobile care home air cleaning solutions.

Care homes strive to promote high standards of infection prevention and control which generates confidence in the high quality of care provided. Families and carers gain reassurance that the care their relatives and dependants receive is provided in a clean and safe environment. Air quality is an essential component of infection control, with care homes benefiting greatly from air cleaning solutions.

Even when a specific requirement is for a single resident room, the mobile care home air filtration units can deliver a workable solution with no need for expensive installation. Where larger and more heavily used spaces are the problem, high capacity air filtration units can be specified to achieve the desired improvement in air quality – with dedicated filtration media allowing control of bacteria and viruses as well as a broad range of gaseous and odour contamination.

The control of odours can pose a significant problem for care home operators. Care home operators, staff, residents and their families all expect standards which can be challenging to deliver at times.

When lingering odours such as ammonia are the issue, mobile care home air filtration units often present the most effective solution. With dedicated gaseous and odour filtration media, for example, the IQAir GCX AM which is specifically developed for ammonia, the air in any space can be recirculated and filtered by mobile care home air filtration units with no impact on any building heating or ventilation systems.

When opening windows is used as a temporary solution, the subsequent heating or cooling of the outside air has a major impact on energy costs. Mobile care home air filtration units have no impact on the temperature, simply cleaning and recirculating your already heated or cooled internal air.

Cleaning materials and chemical decontaminants are a vital part of any care home regime, but they give off gaseous odours called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). While effective at eliminating viruses, germs and fungal spores, VOCs often contain toxic agents such as aldehydes – formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde and phenol.

The long term low-level exposure to these chemicals can lead to several health issues with symptoms ranging from nausea, memory loss, lack of motivation, dexterity or reactivity.

Disinfectant odours are often the only indication that unhealthy pollutants are present, so an effective care home air cleaning regime is necessary to avoid the risks from these VOCs. The IQAir air filtration units can be fitted with dedicated VOC filtration media, especially for this situation.

Care home residents - often with weakened immune systems - are more vulnerable than most to airborne infection. The most common outbreaks are caused by viral respiratory infections and gastroenteritis and can be spread by simply coughing and sneezing – where these aerosols remain airborne for many hours and can travel significant distances.

The use of mobile standalone care home air filtration units in a resident’s room during an infection can help contain this airborne transmission and prevent bacteria or viruses from exposure to other vulnerable residents, visitors or staff. Care home air filtration units can be deployed swiftly and operate just where and when you need them most.