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IQAir Perfect 16

IQAir Perfect 16

  • Ultra-high efficiency: MERV 16 certified (ASHRAE 2) 95% efficient at 0.3 microns
  • Ultra-low air resistance: >18” w.c. (>54 Pa) at rated airflow
  • Ultra-long filter life: 3 years based on 50% use
  • Easy installation: Requires no electrical connections
  • Low maintenance
  • Rugged steel cabinet: Can be easily hung (with optional hanging kit)
  • Medical grade finish: Powder coated galvanized steel
  • Fully insulated for installation in unconditioned environments
  • Swiss made quality: 10 year warranty
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Product Description

The IQAir Perfect 16 is the highest performance air filter for fitting into existing building HVAC systems.

Conventional whole-building air filters can impede the air flow of your central heating and air conditioning system by up to 50%. This air resistance forces your system to work harder forcing air through to heat or cool your building.

The IQAir Perfect 16 is engineered for ultra-low air resistance and actually improves the performance efficiency of your heating and cooling system, whilst delivering proven and certified filtration of ultrafine particles.

The IQAir Perfect 16 is successfully used in the following industries:

Trade and Industry

  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Fitness Studios and Gyms
  • Data Centres

Medical and Healthcare

  • Clinics and hospitals
  • Microbiological laboratories
  • Emergency and field medical care units
  • Pharmacies
  • Care Homes

Public and Institutional

  • Airports
  • Places of worship
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Schools and Kindergartens


  Perfect 16 ID-2225 Perfect 16 ID-2530
Dimensions 21.25” W x 25.25”L x 21.25”H 25.25” W x 29.25”L x 21.25”H
Weight 59 lbs 74 lbs
Power Requirements None, no electrical parts None, no electrical parts
Rating MERV 16 rated at 295 fpm (1,180 cfm) MERV 16 rated at 192 fpm (1,968 cfm)
Efficiency >95% for particles 0.3µm and greater >95% for particles 0.3 µm and greater
>75% for particles 0.003 µm and greater >75% for particles 0.003µm and greater
Airflow Maximum recommended airflow is 1,200 cfm Maximum recommended airflow is 2,000 cfm
Pressure Drop 0.17” wc at 1,180 cfm 0.24” wc at 1,968 cfm
Insulation Pre-installed, fiberglass-free aluminum- foam insulation Pre-installed, fiberglass-free aluminum- foam insulation
Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) MERV 16 @ 498 fpm (2.5 m/s) MERV 16 @ 492 fpm (2.5 m/s)
Rated Airflow 1400 cfm (2380m/h) 2000 cfm (3400 m/h)
  E1 (0.3 – 1.0 µm) = 96.7%E1 (0.3 – 1.0 µm) = 96.9%
Composite Average Efficiency E2 (1.0 – 3.0 µm) = 97.7%E2 (1.0 – 3.0 µm) = 97.8%
  E3 (3.0 – 10.0 µm) = 98.5%E3 (3.0 – 10.0 µm) = 98.3%
Media Area 170 sq ft. (15.8 m/h) 210 sq ft. (19.5 m/h)


The V2 Difference: Perfect Airflow

Most air filters have a single flat surface that fits squarely in the housing of the system. The Perfect 16’s filters are placed in a double “V” shape. The V2 design allows the Perfect 16 to use over 170 square feet of filter media. This

is 50 times more filtration material than that of an ordinary HVAC filter. The additional surface area allows more air to pass through the system. This innovative concept makes a big difference in how much air the Perfect 16 can clean.

Advanced Micro-Fiber Filtration Technology

The IQAir Perfect 16 utilizes Advanced Micro-Fiber Filtration Technology. The Perfect16‘s filter fibers are 10 times thinner than those used in standard air filters. This allows air to easily pass through the fibers, while the ultra-fine threads create an almost impenetrable barrier for pollution particles. The result is an air filter that sets a new standard for air cleaning efficiency and airflow.

Filtration Technology

MERV 16 Rated

The IQAir Perfect 16 is the only MERV 16 rated whole-building air filtration system. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. The MERV system was created by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) to independently verify how well an air filtration system really cleans the air.  It’s independent test report concluded that the IQAir Perfect 16 achieved near perfect results.