Hospital Air Filtration

Hospital Air Filtration

Airborne transmission is a known route of infection for diseases such as tuberculosis and aspergillosis and is linked to outbreaks of MRSA. Hospital air filtration is an essential solution.

Providing clean air to sensitive areas through existing ventilation systems can be challenging, but Commercial Air Filtration provides a solution; high-performance mobile hospital air filtration systems.

We work with Infection Control Teams and Facilities Managers to specify the optimum installation for each healthcare environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Independent research studies show that IQAir HyperHEPA hospital air filtration systems can reduce the rate of invasive diseases by over 50%. Effective airborne infection control through the use of hospital air filtration systems not only saves lives but can also substantially reduce the cost of patient care.

IQAir hospital air filtration systems not only effectively fight hospital infections, but can also realise substantial cost savings.

These stand-alone, mobile hospital air filtration units are designed to be deployed within a typical healthcare setting, regardless of the building’s heating and ventilation system. Easily installed at the source of each contamination, the compact units’ near silent operation makes the range of IQAir hospital air filtration systems particularly suitable for patient rooms.

All of our IQAir hospital air filtration systems are individually tested and certified for their high whole system performance – achieving a guaranteed minimum efficiency of over 99.5% of ultra-fine pollution particles down to 0.003 microns. The IQAir hospital air filtration systems we offer are engineered for airborne infection control and safety approved in accordance with hospital standards. They meet and exceed all Health Protection Agency guidelines:

  • The most advanced and trusted airborne infection and pollution control
  • Individually tested and certified for their whole system filtration efficiency
  • Low maintenance, zero failure rate, easy installation and extra-long lasting filters
  • Solutions for every room size and purification requirement

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