Office Air Purifiers

Office Air Purifiers

"Poor indoor air quality reduces productivity by up to 9% – that’s half a day a week." Prof. Catherine Noakes - Government scientific advisor

Indoor air quality has a significant impact on employee health and performance. The evaluation and improvement of indoor air quality is an important element of staff productivity and wellbeing.  Improved air quality through the use of professional office air purifiers increases employee satisfaction, performance and reduces the number of days lost to staff sickness. The simplest way of improving office air quality is through the use of high-performance and professional office air purifiers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Office air quality is important to any Health & Safety team, responsible for ensuring that Health & Safety (HSE) best practice guidelines are adhered to and COSHH regulations enforced.

Indoor environments can be a hundred times more polluted than outside, with numerous sources of air contamination to be found in the office such as viruses, bacteria and fungi to name just a few Ultra-fine particles from traffic and industrial pollution are also a significant issue in an office, as well as volatile organic compounds (VOC) from printers as well as other standard office equipment adding contamination. Effective improvements to air quality can be made with minimal effort and expenditure by the use of standalone high-performance office air cleaner units.

Infections can spread in an office environment, especially when employees are in close proximity to one another for long periods of time and the overall ventilation is poor. Airborne infections can spread through direct or indirect contact; best managed by washing hands and cleaning surfaces, and through the air when inhaled.

Capturing airborne viruses and bacteria, or infected airborne moisture droplets caused by coughing and sneezing before they can infect others is a powerful and proven way to control the spread of infection in your office. Commercial Air Filtration supply mobile office air cleaner units equipped with specialist filtration to capture and retain these airborne aerosols, providing healthy clean air for your office environment.

Ultra-fine particles and chemicals released from printing machines can be a significant issue in many offices. While some printing machines have rudimentary filters, these are often insufficient to capture the most harmful pollutants; ultra-fine particles and VOCs. This causes an issue for open-plan offices and also is a problem in smaller offices with inadequate ventilation, or particularly offices with commercial grade printers or high printing requirements. Source capture office air cleaners can be particularly effective in these environments, preventing the escape of gases and chemicals into adjacent parts of a building.

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