IQAir VM Inflow

The IQAir VM InFlow ducting adaptor is a wall mounted adaptor for the IQAir air filtration units - compatible with all IQAir Cleanroom, HealthPro, GC, GCX and Dental units - and is used to create over or under pressure environments.

The IQAir VM Inflow creates a positive pressure when placed inside the room and a negative pressure when outside of the control environment. The IQAir VM InFlow is used in many hospital settings, such as isolation wards, intensive care units, oncology wards, IVF laboratories, as well as manufacturing cleanrooms, care homes and server rooms.

The IQAir VM Inflow is quick and easy to install, providing a cost efficient and user-friendly alternative to standard ducted ventilation systems. As the  IQAir VM Inflow can be used with the broad range of IQAir standalone air purifiers, it offers you full flexibility in regard to your filtration requirements.