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IQAir VM Inflow

IQAir VM Inflow

The IQAir VM InFlow ducting adaptor is a wall mounted adaptor for the IQAir air filtration units - compatible with all IQAir Cleanroom, HealthPro, GC, GCX and Dental units - and is used to create over or under pressure environments.

The IQAir VM Inflow creates a positive pressure when placed inside the room and a negative pressure when outside of the control environment. The IQAir VM InFlow is used in many hospital settings, such as isolation wards, intensive care units, oncology wards, IVF laboratories, as well as manufacturing cleanrooms, care homes and server rooms.

The IQAir VM Inflow is quick and easy to install, providing a cost efficient and user-friendly alternative to standard ducted ventilation systems. As the  IQAir VM Inflow can be used with the broad range of IQAir standalone air purifiers, it offers you full flexibility in regard to your filtration requirements. 

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Product Description

Controlled Clean Air

An IQAir filter system combined with an InFlow W125 can be installed to draw outdoor air into an indoor environment. In this setup, an IQAir serves as a ventilation system, bringing in oxygen-rich outdoor air and a filtration system, which removes undesirable outdoor pollutants such as pollen, mold spores, dust and exhaust soot. As a result, fresh and filtered outside air comes into the room.

Positive Pressure Areas

An IQAir filter system, combined with the InFlow W125 to draw air into a room, will enable the creation of a positive pressure area.  This positive pressure helps to clean the air in a room by constantly flushing out air contamination and by preventing outside pollutants from entering the room.
Exceptional levels of air quality can be achieved with an IQAir system creating an over-pressure environment.

Negative Pressure Areas

Placing the IQAir InFlow W125 outside a control room creates a negative pressure environment, which is used to prevent air contamination from leaving the room.  This is particularly useful to healthcare organisations wanting to prevent infection spreading, or businesses that are required to control their airborne emissions to external environments.


• Protection of patients from microbiological exposure in hospitals
• Creation of controlled environments in research or manufacturing areas
• Protection of plant control rooms from corrosive contaminants
• Creation of a clean zone within a building to help prevent outdoor pollution from entering
• Protection of allergy sufferers from pollen exposure
Using the InFlow W125 with an IQAir system can improve indoor air quality by:
• Diluting polluted air with clean air
• Flushing out air pollutants
• Reducing influx of new outside pollutants due to a build-up of positive pressure
• Increasing oxygen content in indoor air with clean outdoor air


The InFlow W125 kit can be easily added to any IQAir filtration unit in a matter of minutes.  The only modification required to a building is a 132mm hole in a window, wall or door which allows you to connect the InFlow W125 duct.
The duct may be flexed to allow control over the desired vent location. It is expandable in length, from 250mm in its original compressed state, to 1m when fully extended.

IQAir InFlow Compatibility

Compatible with all IQAir filtration units. Not compatible with the accessories PF40, VMF, VM FlexVac, VM InFlow and FlexVac.

Technical Specifications
- Required wall/window aperture: Diameter: 132mm
- Length of wall connection duct: 100mm or 150mm
- Flexible ducting tube: Diameter: 125 mm | Extendable length: 250 to 1000mm