Airborne Aspergillus Control

Aspergillus mould is ubiquitous in the fabric of healthcare buildings which makes it difficult to avoid invasive aspergillosis infection for patients with a weakened immune system.

In order to protect patients, Commercial Air Filtration works with Infection Control Teams and Facilities Managers to specify the optimum mobile air filtration solution to help control the potential airborne hazard of aspergillus.

Mobile air purification systems are an effective enhancement to existing ventilation systems. They remove particulate pollution such as aspergillus spores as well as the broadest range of gaseous pollution. Clinical trials on the effectiveness of the IQAir mobile air filtration systems in the clinical setting show a reduction of invasive aspergillosis infection by over 50%.

Providing filtered air for patients with weakened immunity in environments with potential for invasive aspergillosis infections can be an effective safeguard. Installation of a mobile unit in each specific area will ensure no mould spores can be inhaled. This is a simple and easily achieved solution.

Airborne mould spores can stay suspended in the air for prolonged periods, making preventing invasive Aspergillus infection amongst immuno-compromised patients coming into contact extremely difficult. Cleaning the localised area air removes the problem at source, with the IQAir high-performance air filtration units being individually certified and guaranteed for a filtration efficiency of 99.9% at 0.3 microns, capturing aspergillus spores, as well as bacteria, viruses and ultra-fine particulate pollution.

Aspergillus Spores on Surfaces

The airborne Aspergillus spores come to rest on surfaces, contaminating any previously clean area. The ability of an IQAir high-performance air filtration unit to effectively clean the air in a patient room without any requirement for the room to be sealed is a major operational benefit.

As the No.1 source of invasive aspergillosis (IA), construction work in the healthcare industry is an area taken seriously by both facilities professionals as well as airborne infection control Teams to prevent invasive aspergillosis infection.

The airborne spores of Aspergillus remain suspended for a considerable time. When the ability to completely seal a work area is compromised, mobile high-performance air filtration units are the optimum solution to prevent airborne invasive aspergillosis infection.

The IQAir high-performance units are capable of capturing and retaining among other things the 38 species of Aspergillus spores which cause the disease with a near perfect filtration efficiency. Maintaining indoor air quality (IAQ) during any renovation works is achieved by the use of mobile air filtration units, a key element of invasive aspergillosis prevention.

Preventing airborne aspergillosis infection reaching immunocompromised transplant patients is a difficult task. Hospital heating and ventilation systems are expensive, disruptive and time-consuming to modify to deliver Airborne Infection Isolation (AII) areas within a healthcare setting. With the potential for releasing aspergillus spores during any building works, a stand-alone solution must be preferable.

The highly effective, inexpensive and easily deployed solution against invasive aspergillosis infection from Commercial Air Filtration is to create a locally controlled environment for each individual room in a transplant unit with susceptive patients. Mobile IQAir units can be deployed directly at each critical location to capture and retain bacteria, viruses and mould spores, as well as bioaerosols without any need for building, works. This local solution works in tandem with your existing hospital ventilation system in its fight against invasive aspergillosis infection.

With invasive aspergillosis affecting 25% of both allogeneic bone marrow transplant cases and a similar amount of acute leukaemia patients, this is highly effective prevention against infection.

Standard precautions for respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette are often difficult to maintain, particularly with visiting family members. In cases with immunocompromised patients, indoor air quality (IAQ) becomes vital.

Whole hospital heating and ventilation systems are often overworked in areas with specific airborne infection control issues, and local enhancement is an ideal solution. Commercial Air Filtration provide high-performance IQAir mobile air filtration units which are deployed directly at each critical area or patient and will capture and retain bacteria, viruses and bioaerosols as an effective guard against invasive aspergillosis infection.

The mobile high-performance IQAir units are perfect for reducing airborne infection rates in each area of a hospital where patients meet visitors with undiagnosed transmittable infections. Reception areas, doctor’s offices and outpatient clinics are often overlooked, with hazards often equal to accident and emergency and surgical units.