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IQAir Atem Desk

IQAir Atem Desk

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  • Personal Space Air Purifier
  • Ideal for travel and open space offices 
  • Airplane use (if power socket is available)
  • Automatic On/Off Function
  • Can be used as car air purifier 
  • HyperHEPA Filtration (viruses, bacteria, diesel soot etc) 
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Product Description

The IQAir Atem Desk air purifier is IQAir’s first ‘personal air purifier’. As such, it is ideal for large open spaces - such as open space offices or airplanes (if your seat has a regular power socket) and environments that do not already provide air filtration, such as hotel rooms.

IQAir Atem Desk

The IQAir Atem has been specifically designed to create a pure air zone wherever you are. The Atem is small and compact, meaning you can easily take it wherever you go, even placing it on your desk at work to create a healthy zone. The Atem is not intended as an air purifier to purify any given room as it does not provide sufficient air changes to purify the whole room effectively.

The Atem features a PureJet diffuser that uses air guidance technology, which delivers perfectly clean air to your surrounding environment. Some air purifiers can take several hours to clean the air, especially if the area is large. The Atem does not have this problem as it is designed to supply purified air immediately to where you need it most, creating a clean air bubble wherever you are.

The IQAir Atem features the highest level of filtration efficiency by using IQAir’s HyperHEPA filtration technology. This enables the filter to effectively filter ultrafine particles down to 0.3 microns in size - which means that the filter is incredibly effective in filtering out: viruses, bacteria, mould spores, pollen, pet dander and ultra-fine pollution from the traffic industry.

The Atem features three fan speed settings, a filter life indicator and can also be operated via the ‘Atem app’. Extra functionality, such as temperature and humidity monitoring, smart on/off controls, and light and sound settings can be adjusted via the Atem app which is available on Android and iOS

IQAir Atem


  • Hay-Fever
  • Pet Allergens (cat, dog, horse etc.)
  • Pollen
  • Dust Mite Allergens

City Pollution

  • Smog
  • Transportation (cars, trains, planes)
  • Industry Pollution
  • Other Volatile Organic Compounds


  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Fungal Spores

Tobacco Smoke

  • Smoke Particles


Usage:The IQAir Atem is not a whole room air purifier and should not be used as such, instead it should be used as a personal air purifier in environments to create a purified zone around the user.
Certified Filtration:HyperHEPA particle filter >99% at 0.3 microns
Surface area:0.3 m2 / 3.3 sf
Airflow Rate:Speed 1 - 8 m3/h
Speed 2 - 15 m3/h
Speed 3 - 30 m3/h
Decibel Levels:Speed 1 - 20 dBA
Speed 2 - 27 dBA
Speed 3 - 44 dBA
Dimensions:H 31.6 cm x W 14 x D 31.6 cm / carton: H 45 x W 38 x D14 cm;H 12.4 x W 5.5 x D 11.7 inches / H 17.7 x W 15 x D 5.5 inches
Power Usage:1.5, 1.9, 3.4 Watts
Weight:(without/with packaging)2 kg; 4.4 lbs / 2.8 kg; 6.2 lbs
Average Filter Service Life:1 year based on average usage. (10 hours daily use on speed setting 3)
Filter Life Monitor:LED on unit and via IQAir Atem App.
Remote Control:Yes, via IQAir Atem App
Accessories:PureJet diffuser, power adapter with 3 regional plugs and stand
Automatic On/Off:Yes, via IQAir Atem App (Bluetooth)
Speed control options:3 Fan speed settings:
Warranty:2 year manufacturer warranty
Country of Manufacture:Germany



The IQAir Atem has been designed to be highly portable, which means that you are able to use it wherever and whenever you need it. Go ahead and use the Atem in locations where using an air purifier normally would not be practical. The IQAir Atem is compact, especially when the stand is removed, which enables it to fit in a small suitcase or carry-on bag that can be used when travelling.

Breathing Zone

Regular room air purifiers can take a while to clean the air in an entire room, especially if the room is large. The diffuser on the Atem delivers clean purified air to your personal ‘breathing zone’ which is where you need it most. The diffuser has been designed so that it supplies a steady stream of air to you, creating a clean air bubble that protects you. The Atem is not suitable as a normal room air purifier, as such would not purify the air for several people at the same time, or for you once you leave the breathing zone.


IQAir Atem Desk breathing Zone

Easy to Use

The IQAir Atem features easy to use controls. The air purifier can be turned on by pressing the IQAir logo located on the side of the device. If using the Atem app, you can connect your phone to the Atem via Bluetooth and programme the Atem to turn on/off when your mobile phone is in proximity of the Atem. This means that you do not have to worry about turning your Atem on/off which is energy efficient and leads to improved filter life.

When the HyperHEPA filter gets down to 5% remaining filter life, the Atem alerts you by a visual and audible signal from the unit and also via the app. When it is time to change the HyperHEPA filter, inserting a new filter will automatically reset the filter monitor in the Atem.

IQAir Atem app

Filtration Technology

HyperHEPA Filtration

The IQAir Atem features the same high quality patented HyperHEPA filter technology which IQAir use in their other air purifiers. The filter is made from a combination of synthetic and anorganic fibers with a surface area of 0.3 m2. The IQAir Atem has a system efficiency of over 99% for particles down to 0.003 microns. The HyperHEPA filter is able to eliminate virtually all particulate pollution from the air, which includes: pet dander, dust, viruses, bacteria, mould spores, allergens and more. Just like all the other IQAir products, the Atem uses mechanical filtration to remove airborne contamination from the air and is 100% Ozone free.

IQair size matters