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IQAir InFlow

IQAir InFlow

The IQAir InFlow ducting kit enables IQAir standalone filtration systems to draw air through a wall or a window vent and provide clean air into an adjacent room.

The IQAir InFlow, coupled with an IQAir Filtration unit, is a simple and effective way to create a positive pressure isolation room; keeping all airborne contaminants out of a clean area. It can just as easily create a negative pressure environment in order to keep contamination within a specific area.

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Product Description

The InFlow ducting adapter allows for connection to any compact IQAir air cleaning system, enabling the system to draw in polluted and contaminated air from the outside or neighbouring rooms. The IQAir system effectively filters airborne pollutants and pathogens, releasing only purified air into the indoor environment.

This adapter can be used to provide clean air ventilation, positive pressure isolation, or negative pressure containment of harmful airborne particles and microorganisms. With the InFlow ducting adapter, clean air is always within reach.

Positive Pressure Environments

The InFlow adaptor and an IQAir filtration system together can help to reduce indoor air pollution by diluting it with filtered air and creating positive pressure, which prevents contaminated air from entering the environment. The filtration system is positioned inside the room where clean air is desired, providing a source of purified air.

Negative Pressure Environments

Airborne infection control protocols in healthcare facilities frequently call for pressure differentials to limit the spread of airborne infectious microorganisms and safeguard patients, employees, and visitors. By connecting the InFlow to a high-efficiency IQAir system, contaminated air can be drawn from a patient room, establishing a safer environment.


• Required wall aperture: Diameter 130 mm (5.1")
• Length of wall duct: 100 mm (4") and 150 mm (6")
• Diameter of duct: 125 mm (5")
• Length: 250 mm (10") to 1000 mm (40")


The InFlow ducting adapter, when paired with any compact IQAir standalone air cleaning system, can be utilized in a range of applications, including: 

  • Creating positive pressure for protective isolation.
  • Generating negative pressure for containment isolation.
  • Providing ventilation with clean and fresh outdoor air.