Battersea Road Nursery Case Study

Good air quality is especially important to babies, who need it to stay healthy and develop into strong children and adults. This means that you need to provide them with fresh and unpolluted air. Doing this can be a challenge for some nurseries either because they are based near to the main road, or because the building layout makes it difficult to provide ventilation to all areas. One such area we commonly help nurseries with is the cot room.

Cot rooms need to be kept quiet so that babies can sleep well and staff can focus on their other activities. Keeping cot rooms quite often means closing the door, which can cause oxygen levels to drop and humidity to increase. Cot rooms can also be a breeding ground for infectious organisms, such as viruses, bacteria and mould. So, it's important to consider what can be done to improve the quality of care and build safer and healthier environments.

What convinced us was that not only do Commercial Air Filtration's system's capture viruses, bacteria and mould as well as unpleasant odours, but they also enabled us to ventilate the cot room with perfectly clean air. The air in the cot room is now noticeably fresher and a much better environment for our infants. We are very happy with these solutions and we are sure our young ones are too!"

IQAir HealthPro 250

The IQAir HealthPro 250 has won more independent awards than any other air filtration system in the world. It is medical grade, and very suitable for nurseries, because of the wide range of harmful contamination, it can remove. The ability to use the HealthPro 250 with accessories such as the IQAir InFlow, makes it adaptable and an appropriate choice for a wide range of tasks.

- Individually tested and certified, and guaranteed to capture 99.97% of all particles at 0.3 microns and 99.5% at 0.003 microns.
- 2.5kg of the highest quality dual-activated bituminous carbon media to capture chemicals from traffic pollution and even nappy smells and other odours.
- Easy to use, requires little maintenance and is ultra-quiet.

Battersea Road Nursery was referred to us by a parent, who was concerned about how stuffy the cot room was. Based on the size of the cot room and location (Battersea Road Nursery is located near to the main road), we recommended an air filtration system that could not only capture fine and ultra-fine particle pollution, viruses, bacteria and mould, but also the type of chemicals released by cars and other road vehicles. We also recommended accessories that would enable us to draw in fresh air from outside and create an overpressure environment inside. This is the same kind of solution used by hospitals to protect patients and an excellent choice for nurseries.

A small amount of work needed to be done to fit the ducting, however, this was easily achieved by the nursery's maintenance man. We then set up the air filtration system using its automatic settings; meaning that the staff at Battersea Nursery did not have to manage the system in any way, apart from periodically checking the filter life indicator.

IQAir systems work well in a wide range of environment - large and small, and we can help with almost any air contamination concern that you may have. To find out more, please contact a member of our expert team: 0203 176 0524, or