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At Commercial Air Filtration we understand the challenges that workplaces are now facing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our air quality experts are here to help you understand and implement exactly what is needed to ensure your workplace not only meets government guidance, but also assure workers and the public that their safety is paramount.

Although businesses and the public sector are slowly entering a period of normality, government guidance still requires indoor environments to be adequately ventilated to guard against a build-up of airborne viral contamination. Warmer temperatures have allowed for professional environments such as schools and offices to simply open windows for greater ventilation, but as we approach winter newer and more effective solutions may be required.

As an independent supplier of high-performance air filtration systems, we’re able to offer air quality guidance to workplaces seeking solutions to their airborne hygiene needs. Our consultants have worked on thousands of projects around the UK with one goal in mind: to help people breathe and work in healthier and cleaner air. From supplying high performing mobile filtration systems in nail salons to consulting and installing medical grade air filtration systems in infection control rooms, we are able to meet your air quality needs.

Following official recommendation from the World Health Organisation (WHO) of the use of “well-designed, maintained and operated system[s],” air filtration systems have been recommended as an alternative in environments where adequate ventilation isn’t possible. But as the air purification market isn’t regulated, many of the systems used and advertised are simply not fit for purpose in any attempt to significantly reduce the airborne transmission of COVID-19 or other respiratory viruses.

The use of true HEPA filtration systems, such as the IQAir systems, are the most reliable in capturing airborne viruses. The IQAir high performance filtration systems come with European accredited tests to show that they are able to reduce viral contamination by 99.9% in a 30m3 room in just 10 minutes. As such, we have equipped medical environments with thousands of the IQAir systems to better protect staff and patients against COVID-19 infection.

Although our air quality experts do not offer professional on-site air quality testing, we are able to offer guidance based on years of experience in the air filtration field. And through our years of providing air quality guidance, we can refer you to highly recommended air quality testing professionals.

From small businesses to government organisations, we’re able to provide clear and concise advice to professional environments needing expert guidance on how to improve their indoor air quality. We provide air quality advice for the following:

  • Schools and nurseries
  • Medical and healthcare environments
  • Offices
  • Beauty salons
  • Retail environments

Speak to one of our air quality consultants today for more information on how you can take the first steps in creating a safer environment for your workplace.


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Speak to one of our air quality consultants today.