Air Purifier Leasing

Air Purifier Leasing
Air Purifier Leasing UK Infographic

Commercial Air Filtration provides professional air purifier leasing throughout the UK for any project size and time frame. We offer high-quality air purification leasing units for businesses and government organisations, from schools, the NHS, offices and more. Our air purifier leasing service is designed to help you improve the air quality in your work environment, meet your ventilation requirements, and meet your implementation and budgeting requirements.

Flexible Air Purifier Leasing Options
Our flexible lease plans are tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require air purifiers for a short-term project or a long-term solution to improve your indoor air, our leasing options are designed to accommodate various budgetary and operational needs.

Comprehensive Air Purifier Service and Support
Each lease agreement can come with full service and support options. We can handle everything from air purifier installation, onsite validation, to maintenance checks, and decommissioning at the end of the lease. We ensure minimal disruption to your business activities.

Cost-Effective Air Purification Leasing
Leasing air purifiers can be a quick to implement and cost-effective alternative to purchasing and to ducted ventilation systems. Avoiding the upfront cost and still benefit from professional air filtration with our budget-friendly leasing solutions.

Quick Deployment of Leasing Air Purifiers
We ensure quick deployment of all units. Our experienced team of engineers also provide comprehensive services for large and/or urgent projects.

Diverse Range of Air Cleaners

As an independent provider, we offer a wide selection of professional leasing air purifiers tailored to suit various room sizes and specific industry needs, including:
• Office leasing air purifiers
• Leasing air scrubbers for Healthcare Facilities
• Leasing of School Air Purifiers

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