Notting Hill Prep Air Filtration - Case Study

Notting Hill Prep Air Filtration - Case Study

The Notting Hill Prep air filtration setup was completed near Ladbroke Grove in Central London. The school has over 300 pupils and comprises of two separate buildings (representing lower and upper school). Classrooms in the lower school are medium size rooms and do not contain a ventilation system with the ability to provide a sufficient standard of air quality. Maintaining adequate levels of air quality is an increasing concern for schools in London, due to high levels of pollution, which have a severe short-term and long-term health impact on children.

What was the school’s issue?

Due to the school's location in central London, the school is exposed at times to high levels of air pollution, including traffic pollution. Outside air pollution seeps into the school and can be inhaled by the staff and children. This means they are vulnerable to poor air quality and the damage it can have on their health.

What did we do about it?

The Notting Hill Prep asked us to consult them on how to create and maintain healthy air quality in their classrooms and school air filtration in general. After an on-site assessment and consideration of different options, the IQAir CleanZone SLS high-performance air purifiers were installed. AirVisual air quality monitors were also setup in the classrooms to monitor the air quality on an ongoing basis. The installation date was November 2017.

Why these products?

The IQAir CleanZone SLS (pictured left) is the most efficient, undisruptive and cost effective way to control airborne contamination in a large classroom environment. Ultra-quiet performance, a high airflow rate and high-efficiency HEPA filtration, enables the unit to provide the best possible results.

The AirVisual Node (pictured right) is a laser air quality monitor, which uses a high accuracy PM2.5 laser sensor to measure: particulate, CO2, humidity and temperature. It also connects to local government testing stations to provide up-to-date outdoor air pollution readings in Ladbroke Grove.

Why was it done?

The Notting Hill Prep air filtration setup was of interest to the school as children are especially susceptible to the negative long-term and short-term effects of air pollutants on their health. With urban areas such as London suffering from especially high levels of pollution, the quality of air children breathe on a day-to-day basis is ever more important.

What are the health effects of poor air quality? The short-term health effects of being exposed to poor air quality range from headaches, nausea, increased allergy and asthma symptoms, to an inability to concentrate. Long-term health effects can be more severe, affecting physical and mental health and development.

How long did the implementation take?

All units were installed, configured and operational in a single afternoon. No alteration to the building was required.

Who are we?

Schools, businesses and government institutions contact Commercial Air Filtration to find the best air quality solutions. Our team of air quality experts and consultants can advise you on monitoring and filtering the air quality in any indoor environment. We work with the best international manufacturers and can provide solutions for every concern and budget.

In addition to helping government institutes and businesses throughout the UK, our sister company, Allergy Cosmos, helps domestic customers to control airborne pollution in their home.

What was the result?

A reduction of 86% of particulate pollution in the classrooms was achieved compared to outside pollution levels. The use of the AirVisual air quality monitor also allowed the teachers to effectively monitor and control indoor pollution levels, and regulate CO2 levels throughout the day.

“The results were immediate
and, importantly, are there for us
to see in real time throughout
the day. The units offer all-important
peace of mind to
parents that their children are
being looked after when in the

Caroline Armstrong, Bursar,
Notting Hill Preparatory School

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